Maiden voyage of the Diesel FJ60

September 30, 2008

I finally finished my FJ60 Banks powered 6.2 diesel last week, and the first run would be towing my FJ40 to Oregon to “Cruisin the woods 08” http://www.cascadecruisers.com/eventsframeset.htm I did the engine swap in a 1983 cruiser, and swapped in a 1989 body for nicer panels, paint, and power window’s door locks.

The plan was to leave for Oregon on Thursday night after work, and set up camp that night for the Friday trail ride. Prior to making the long drive, I decided to test tow my fj40 on the freeway and work out any bugs. I get about 2 miles before I hear the engine dying, then I look back to see smoke coming from the batteries… The battery cable had melted and welded itself to the exhaust manifold, causing the whole system to shut down. I proceed to pull the smoking hot cable from the manifold to remove the short, and then think “Now what?”. I ended up buying jumper cables from walmart, and jumping the fj60 from my fj40’s batteries.

After returning home, my wife says “Tor, I don’t think you should go to Oregon this weekend, too many things have gone wrong” I agreed, and after talking to some friends I find out there’s another trip scheduled for Evans Creek this weekend, which is a much shorter distance with a good group of people. We scheduled the trip to leave early Saturday morning, and that gave me Friday to work out the kinks.

On Saturday I loaded the FJ40 “Calico” on the tow dolly, and pulled it with my banks turbo powered 6.2 liter diesel FJ60 “Smokey”. The tow went great until I was on the off ramp between I-405 and Hwy-167 where the left wheel fell off, and rolled right by my car. I jumped out to catch it, and found that all the wheel bolts had backed out. Since we were on a schedule, I inserted 3 bolts and took the FJ40 off the trailer and decided to drive the 60 with an empty trailer, and the 40 to follow.

After having breakfast and setting up camp, we went on a quick trail run. After a bit of driving Andy tried to conquer a gnarly mudhole with no success. His clutch got jammed and he wasn’t going anywhere. We ended up winching his 40 out of the hole, and I towed him for the remainder of the trail down to the camp.

The following day we all went on a run around the area. John and Alan were in Josies landcruiser, Sondre and I took Calico, Gary and his brother were in his red YJ, and Alex and Jenna were in his newly painted 40 series. We went high and low, with lots of beautiful scenery and lots of great trails. Some good obstacles were found along the way, but nothing too serious. We made it back to camp at about 4pm on Sunday, and we started packing up.

After packing, I hooked Andy’s 40 series up to “Smokey” my diesel FJ60 to tow him home, and Sondre took Calico to follow us. We made it to Andy’s about 7pm after a pit stop along the way. I then headed out with Sondre following to find the nearest gas station to fill up Smokey with some much needed diesel. We found a chevron station, but no diesel there, so we continued to the next station to fill up. We hit 509 going north, and as soon as I hit 60 Smokey died. I ran out of fuel and coasted about 1.5 miles, got off at the exit and rolled to a stop in southpark.

Sondre pulled up in Calico and as we were discussing the next move the radiator spewed water and steam… He had turned off the fan, and it overheated at 280 degrees. I turned on the fan, and it idled down to 200 before we started towing Smokey to the next gas station. As we pulled up to the AM/PM station I filled the tank in Smokey with Diesel and tried to start the engine. Since I ran out of fuel, the whole system needed to be primed, but I had no bleeder on hand.

I cranked the engine, bled air from the fuel filter, cranked some more etc. Once air stopped coming from the filter I needed to prime the injector pump. I then used a rubber tube and some old fashioned mouth power to get the air out of it. After a mouthful of diesel fuel I got the car running again. Then it was off to home for dinner and a good night’s sleep.

Overall it was a fun weekend due to good friends and great support. I’m glad I didn’t make the trip to Oregon, and really happy the 60 series held up to all this abuse. The 6.2 diesel runs great, and the banks turbo does the trick (although the turbo needs a rebuild so it’s smoking hence the name “Smokey”). The NV4500 shifts smooth, and I’m overall happy with the build.


60 series build


  1. […] Kaymar, and has the swingout tire capability (I dont have the carrier, but the spindle is there). https://torski.wordpress.com/2008/09/30/maiden-voyage-of-the-diesel-fj60/ http://picasaweb.google.com/torski/60SeriesBuild# Asking price is $12,500 OBO Located in Seattle, […]

  2. Couldnt be More True.

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